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Question: Analyse how a sense of hope or despair was developed for a particular purpose in the visual or oral text(s). In the film “The Shawshank Redemption” directed by Frank Darabont there was a strong sense of hope developed for the characters in two specific scenes, the rooftop scene and the music scene. In The Shawshank […]

slippery slop example For example if there was no compulsory NCEA subjects the knowledge of students all over the country would struggle hugely, this is because of unmotivated and lazy students deciding to take the easy road by taking more fun and less educational subjects. Students would be lacking in literature, this would decrease there […]

Level 2 Shawshank Redemption Essay 5 checkpoints Open with something interesting/thought provoking Introduce the director + title of the text Outline the overall plot of the text Introduce the two scenes and two cinematic techniques you will examine Point out your chosen directors purpose and the subsequent impact/message for the viewer and society (this is […]

Analyse how a key idea (or ideas) in the text (s) were used to comment on society’s perception of guilt and/or redemption.   Plan: How do we know if a person is guilty Anyway for them to redeem themselves Does society need to be physically punished Amir Intro-thesis How he deals with his guilt, he […]

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